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There is more than 2B people overweight or obese in the world in 2021 (3B people in 2030). 2.8M people die each year of overweight and obesity health problems. This pandemic costs the USA alone more than 147 Billion USD /year (1.7T USD /year in health care and productivity loss) (9.2B USD in Germany with 40M overweight people). Moreover, overweight and obesity is a huge risk factor for Covid-19, recent March 2021 study shows that more than 73% of Americans who died of Covid-19 were obese or overweight (40% in France).


Nutrimis App offers a caring and ultra-social ecosystem composed of a community and nutrition professionals that supports overweight and obese people on a daily basis. Our narrative is based on a regular and long-term exchange where members don’t just lose weight, they maintain their weight loss in the long term thanks to the community and features adapted to weight loss (calorie counter, activity counter, etc).

They rolled out publicly their first version of the App (MVP: Minimum Viable Product) in late summer 2020 and have been working on the product with a small cohort of a few hundred users to move from App version V1.0  to V2.0 and our V3.0 is coming in the next few weeks.

While growing their App from 500 to 70K+ users, they’ve tested early monetization channels and registered over 200 nutrition professionals on their Nutrimis App Pro online tracking platform connected to the Nutrimis App App. Nutrimis App just works, you can see it by yourself with their evolution page.

Nutrimis App has already a strong media coverage with presence on Maddyness, Le Télégramme (paper front and web page), (paper front and web page), Le progrès, Ouest France, France Bleu, Virgin Radio and TechinAsia. They are followed by institutions like the French Public Bank of Investment (BPI), Emergys, European Investment Fund and BPGO Bank.

In terms of business, there are strong interests from AXA, BDMS – Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (47 hospitals in South East Asia) and big hospital groups in France (NDA signed) – a clinical study using Nutrimis App and its professional tool is being planned.

They have just been selected (April 2021) by PLUGANDPLAY (one of the biggest startup accelerators in the world) Abu Dhabi / Health Tech vertical. Last but not least they have been selected in May 2021 by STATION F (the world’s largest startup facility) and their Founders Program. This will connect them with top health government departments, health related corporations, VCs and top business mentors. They are also doing a partnership with an Insurance company in France (LMP) in June 2021.

HealthCare Data Market Size In 2025 will be around 70 Billion USD. It is a great opportunity as Nutrimis App collects with user consent personal data: biometric information, nutrition, weight, activity, photos, Kcal vaporized (they are  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certified). 


Fabien Keller and Emmanuel Fauvel were overweight and unmotivated, so they had the idea of creating Nutrimis App, a free mobile social network for overweight or obese people. Today, their nutritional and sports habits have changed and they have lost 20kg and 10kg respectively without regaining any since January 2020.

Today, more than 60,000 members connect with each other every day, share their progress, motivate and challenge each other, all in a good mood and without judgement!

There are many different goals, such as a simple desire to maintain your weight, lose a few pounds or opt for a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your situation or objective, your friends are already waiting for you on the Nutrimis App application!

Founders Background

Emmanuel Fauvel (French, 46) & Fabien Keller (French, 28) both combine entrepreneurship, management, financial planning, product and fundraising skills. Emmanuel has exited 2 startups, is business mentor in the Franco-Thai chamber of commerce, he is at the board of director of Bangkok Business Association and was leader of the French Tech TH for 4 years. Fabien has exited his first startup, is at the board of the French Tech Thailand and has participated in world class startup-up accelerators programs.

They are both laureates of HEC Challenge+ 2021 (best Business School in Europe). They are two entrepreneurs with 3 companies acquired by international groups. They combine 30 years of expatriation in SEA. They met during the seed round of Fabien’s former fintech startup (Birdycent, acquired by Trezor / Société Générale). After 18 months spent together working next to each other, and being both overweight, it seemed obvious to them to create a product and grow this new company together.

You can check out the company’s KPIs in the Nutrimis App teaser you can see on the home page.

Last but not least, they have an App Store Score Review of 4.8/5 for Nutrimis App App (96% user satisfaction) which is very difficult to score.


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